Even if you can’t be with us physically we want the final production to include your voice!

To date we’ve received over 50 stories from 17 countries – read them here: stories.

We are aware that as a group of self-selected Sex Workers and friends in East London, UK who have the time to contribute to the project for free/expenses, we are not representative of many people locally and globally. This is why it is all the more important for us to include your voice.

  1. We would love you to write us something about your experience of Sex Work that you would like to be included in the show. It may be a positive experience, negative experience or a complex mix.
  2. We are open to audio recorded stories. This is particularly important for those who prefer to express themselves through speech, and for Sex Workers with less platform, who cannot read or write. It can be in the language you feel most comfortable in and if it is a relatively common language we will have it translated to be used as live Sound Art in the show in May 2016 during one of the scenes.
  3. We are organising skype conversations between our cast and crew and communities of Sex Workers worldwide to share experiences and learn to represent you in the show as best we can, so if you are interested in organising this let us know!

What kind of stories do we want?
It could be an experience that you want the public to hear
to make them question their view on Sex Work.
It could be something poetic and whimsical.
It could be clinical and scientific.
Maybe it’s a funny piece.
Maybe it’s painful.
Maybe it’s boring.
We don’t mind.

If you are happy for it to be used anonymously in the production
and happy for it to be put up on our website then please send it to

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Or enter it in the form below.
All stories will be carefully anonymised.

This is a vital part of the production and we want a huge range of diverse experiences so anything you can do to spread the word to Sex Workers who might like to provide a story would be wonderful.

We promise we will represent your story in good faith and not misrepresent it to suit our needs as best we can. The stories will all be put up on website. They may be included in the show, either on stage or in the development process – our members will read each story.

We may include them in a printed booklet – a collection of stories to show the diversity, complexity and humanity of sex work. This may be sold to raise funds for the not-for-profit project.

Please add a comment to opt out of any of these uses, or email us at

Thanks on behalf of all the team,
Siobhan and Alex

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