Our London production cast and crew is currently almost at its limit.
This means opportunities to perform on stage or form part of the crew are limited for the upcoming production.
We are still looking for Sex Workers from underrepresented areas of Sex Work to broaden the scope of our stories.

We are always open to collaborations with international groups.
Three key ways in which local and global Sex Workers can help are:
1. Send us a written story or audio monologue about a personal experience
2. Organise a skype session between our cast and crew and your Sex Worker community group
This helps us build solidarity, share experiences, and endeavour to represent your experiences in the show
3. Find community groups and funders who are interested in taking the workshop model to your area
We are happy to come and facilitate the creation of a new multimedia production with your local group!

To explore any of these ways of participating, email us at:

contact - grey - participate



  1. Not in The UK; I live in California but I would love to be involved in your project.
    I have been a sex worker for over a decade and I am very comfortable with being “out” regarding my name,face and identity.
    Please let me know if there is anyway that I can participate in your project. I would really love to be a part of this work !! Also, thanks so much for the great writing–really enjoy it.
    XoX, Miranda Velocity.

    • Miranda, thanks for your praise and enthusiasm to be part of the project in some way! There are plenty of ways you can be involved:
      1. Email a personal story to stories [at] we will anonymise it and feature it on our website and educational booklets we distribute for free
      2. Email us at participate [at] to set up a skype with the directors to possibly organise a skype between our cast/crew and a sex work community group where you are from
      3. Record an audio monologue about a particular experience and send it to is and it’ll become part of a piece of sound art that will be used live during the show!

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