Support the Sex Workers’ Opera by Donating or In-Kind

Please consider giving to our project online and/or spreading the word about our project’s need

  • We are a grassroots community group of workers and friends each with our own lives giving our spare time to creatively combat stigma and stereotyping which leads to exclusion and violence
  • Theatre is expensive to make, especially with a group our size! Production costs include:
    venue hire, rehearsal space hire, workshop materials, costumes, lighting, composition time for the mini-orchestra, commissioning sound art from global sex work groups, publicity, website design
  • The better we can pay our members, the more inclusive the project becomes, because it is hard to involve people if they have to miss work to rehearse and perform for expenses alone
  • All our extra energy and time goes into spreading our model of community-led theatre production far and wide to support Sex Workers elsewhere and other underrepresented/vulnerable communities

If you can’t donate at this time, support us by:

  • Taking 15 minutes to think of any people you know who might be able/interested
    in contributing to, promoting or attending the production
  • These could be actors, directors, singers, musicians, performers,
    journalists, critics, academics, feminists, queer friends, activists, philanthropists
  • Give them a personal phone call, text message or email about the project
    telling them why you think it is important and why it needs their support

So far the various stages of the project have been funded by our launch Crowdfund Campaign (May 2014), Goldsmiths Annual Fund (May 2014), Sarah Caple Fund (May 2014), Bar Wotever Donations (October 2014), Our Christmas Fundraiser (December 2014).

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