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XX – Experimental Experience
is a new theatre company facilitating regular cultural transformation events, performing interactive theatre, music and dance in venues and in the street and working with grassroots community groups to inspire creative direct action. Think slowmo dancing during rush hour. Think group therapy sessions on the underground. Think jamming sessions on the bus. Think group massage in public squares. Think hide and seek in shopping centres. Think XX!



Siobhan Knox – Co-Director & Co-Producer
Siobhan is an experienced dance and theatre practitioner whose passions include body positivity, sexual positivity and bringing communities together through group healing processes using multi-arts techniques. She is also Co-Founder of XX.


Alex Etchart – Co-Director & Co-Producer

Alex Etchart is a community arts practitioner and multi-instrumentalist composer writing songs for grassroots struggles. Through Teatro di Nascosto he works with Middle Eastern actors to engage western audiences with the lives of those in war torn countries and build bridges. He is also Co-Founder of XX.

clare quinnClare Quinn – Co-Director
Clare is the Artistic Director of Touchpaper Theatre, and a freelance director and facilitator. After studying Drama at Manchester University, focusing on theatre in places of conflict and in prisons, Clare trained at Birmingham School of Acting. Clare makes interactive, political theatre. She also works with community groups and young people through workshops.


The original May 2014 production was supported by:

The Royal Opera House subsidised the training of facilitators of the production on a ‘Write an Opera’ course in August 2013 and are providing continuing support of the project in the form of consultations and workshops.


The Goldsmiths Annual Fund provided the initial budget to make the Crowdfunding video without which the Kickstarter campaign would not have been possible. They support many creative projects with community impact affiliated with Goldsmiths University every year.


Individuals and groups who have supported the project since its nascence in February 2014:

  • Clouds Haberberg, co-founder of the feminist opera collective Better Strangers Opera came up with the original concept;
  • Roddy Skeaping, our first Musical Director and composition support for individuals’ stories;
  • Helen Bellringer helped compose ‘The Domme Song’ and gave vital production support during our time of need;
  • Aurist produced dance tracks for the Stripclub Scene;
  • Linda Etchart has provided production support;
  • Tuppy Owens of The Outsiders and TLC for her award and inspiration;
  • Magui Lopez & Elena Reynaga of RedTraSex linked us up with Latin American sex work projects;
  • Pat Cash, Meth of the Meth Lab, Familyyy Fierce’s Rubyyy Jones, Ebony Rose Dark, Helen Rivera, Miss Cairo and Rudi Douglas compered and performed in our Christmas Fundraiser 2014;
  • And all the amazing and diverse local and global people who contributed to our Crowdfund Campaign (alphabetical by surname, using pseudonyms where people wish to remain anonymous):
    Sonia Knox, Marta Owczarek, Angelica Tatam, Justin V, Sami, Anna Wates, Lemoni Wonder, SexWorkFest, Vickie, Ro Ly-Co, Britta Love, Cat Etchart, Louise S, Leela Binx, Dr J, Zazou, Alex Nicholson, Robin Banks, Mangofantasy, Sophie Crow, Sam Meech, Gaysocrates, Robert Devlin, Pinstripeowl, Gen XOXO, Andrea Pandolfo Damiani, TheMsRebelSaint, James Webster, Andrew Aguecheek, Imprology, Chris Guyton, David Sergey, Camille, Eleanor Higgs, Pixie, Chris Todd, Ian P, Bianca Remer, Mdlk07, Chris, Laura Farrell, Adam Holdstheway.