A Mixed Bag

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Escorting in general has been a varied experience for me a lot of it has been traumatic. I started because at 17 and running away from home with a growing habit, what choice did i really have?

Now it's been ten years. I'm clean and I still escort because I have people to support and its what I know how to do best.

I've seen dodgy clients, funny ones And some downright scary ones where i have risked my life. And I cant believe that the most fear and trauma I experience comes at the hands of the police, the judgemental people around me.

If it wasn't for escorting I wouldn't have found the self respect to get clean and look after myself financially. It also ruined my self esteem and cut me off from the world even more and made me act against the law more - not because of its fault but because of others judgement and stigma.

I want to live in a world where I could report some of the attacks on me that have happened and not have it be assumed I am lying because of what my job is.

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Photo: Top Right, 'Hug' by Manu Valcarce
'Rosalind' violin/rose image by Vera Rodriguez
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