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Lyric: Collective of Sex Workers And Supporters (COSWAS, Taiwan)

Translator: Che Jung Chang

Music: Broadway Chen

If you ask me, “What is Happiness for you”? How am I going to tell you? If I was a daughter of a millionaire, Still I would complain about my decent living. If you ask me, “What is Life for you”? What am I going to tell you? I am not the daughter of a wealthy family. Where am I going to find my Happiness? Ah…. Ah… I am an evergreen flower in the wild. Happiness for me is like a candle light in the wind. We have to shelter it with our both hands. Ah…. Ah… I am an evergreen flower in the wild. Life for me is like a dim light in the dark that leads us forwards. People look me down for taking this path of life. But, like them, I only work to feed my families. Why should I be ashamed? In the district inflamed with red lights, I proceed alone. Ah… only to feed the whole family. What a Life! 你哪問我什麼是幸福, 叫我怎樣講 阮若是千金小姐, 好命還嫌不夠。 你哪問我什麼是人生, 叫我怎樣回 阮不是在家閨秀, 幸福要叼位找。 啊~ ~ 阮是野地的長春花 幸福是風中的蠟燭, 咱要用雙手捧 啊~ ~ 阮是野地的長春花 人生是暗夜的燈火,帶咱行向前 雖然是乎人看輕,走到這條路 阮嘛是飼家賺吃,有什麼通見笑 紅燈路頭街巷,暗暗孤單行 唉呦~ 換來一家的吃穿 我的人生呦~ ~

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Photo: Top Right, 'Hug' by Manu Valcarce
'Rosalind' violin/rose image by Vera Rodriguez
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