Eye for Beauty

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I was employed as a cashier in a corner store, at minimum wage ($7/hr at the time) trying to put money aside to pay for my college tuition. And that's where I renewed my friendship with an old friend. After a while of getting close and reviving our friendship, she confided in me that she worked as a “luxury escort” and told me she was making a mint. In a 3 day weekend she could make two thousand dollars. A hold-up at closing time and the low pay gave me the nerve to try to work in the oldest trade ever known. The first 2-3 weekends were quite unnerving. But like any other job, a routine takes place and you become comfortable in your role. Because in my case, I had to become someone else to perform. Based in a different hotel every week, and with a receptionist/security next door, I felt quite safe taking the appointments. As a child and young adult I was intimidated and afraid of men because of past abuse. But this line of work totally changed that and I developed a new perception of men. I thought that they were weak for been controlled by their needs, unable to resist the urge for novelty in their sex lives. I felt that “I” had the power, the control, and the last word. I became confident and sure of myself. I was able to stand my ground in front of anybody. Not only did being a sex worker help me develop my personality and self-esteem, but I made a lot of good contacts for future business projects, and I learned a lot about human nature. I acquired an eye for beauty when looking at another body. There is no ugliness on the exterior, only perfection. The real ugliness is inside. I wish to thank all of those good and gentle lovers who were mainly coming to me for comfort and real physical love.

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Photo: Top Right, 'Hug' by Manu Valcarce
'Rosalind' violin/rose image by Vera Rodriguez
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© Experimental Experience 2023 Photo of our cast hugging from the 2014 teaser performance at Bar Wotever at the Vauxhall Tavern