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I believe your family past or history is at some point all about a certain “pattern” or “cycle” that just gets passed down generation to generation. I believe this truly because of my own personal experiences starting with my father way before I was ever born...he owned a strip club back in the 1960s it ended up being shut down and with him getting fined for having his ladies dancing up against windows facing the street, which resulted in a massive traffic accident.

Moving forward to when he met my mother...at the time he was married, and managing a hotel. While he was on vacation, my mother was hired to work at that hotel. When my father got back from vacation, he looked at her and that was literally the beginning of his infidelity to his wife. My father and mother had a love affair that somehow lasted 10 years. During that time my father divorced his and left her and left his two children to be with my mother. My mother and father are 15 years apart in age. It appalls me that my mother maintained a love affair for 10 years before my father cut his previous marriage ties. I was born[], and to this day they still call me their “love child.”

Now let's move forward to my adulthood. I met a nice gentleman who lavished me with gifts at work, took me to fancy restaurants, etcetera. We were dating and everything was good until I got a funny feeling that he wasn't being totally honest about his marital status. I asked him and he said “ oh, don't be silly, of course I'm not married!” I take it for what it's worth, but when I went in to work the next day, I pulled up his deed of trust for the home he was living in and saw not only his signature but also his wife's signature. Not only did I feel betrayed, I felt like a “home wrecker” to say the least. To sum it up, I tried to end it because he was married, but he insisted he wanted to continue what we had. It's true that what we had was absolutely wonderful and it was the time of my life. However, since he wanted to his cake and eat it too, I told him he would have to pay me. We agreed on $500 per month in cash. He paid me $500 a month on the first of the month for 2 years no problem. He also took me along with him on trips, and took me to concerts, and all kinds of other fun stuff where money was no object. So, there's my once in a lifetime story about a “pattern” or “cycle.”

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Photo: Top Right, 'Hug' by Manu Valcarce
'Rosalind' violin/rose image by Vera Rodriguez
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