Mother and I

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Me – Mum, I have something to tell you, and I want you to understand first of all, that I am happy and I am safe.

Mum – What's wrong? You are pregnant?

Me – No, do you remember when I told you that I was doing webcam and you asked me if it was safe and I said yes and you asked me if I was seeing people also and I said no?

Mum – Of course I remember.

Me – I am seeing people now, I am doing escort work. Please ask me anything you want or say anything you need, you are not going to offend me, I am not going to think that you are against me.

Mum – (silent)

Me – please just take everything out of your chest or if you need time to think I can call you another time.

Mum – How much do you charge?

Me - ?????? £120 per hour…

Mum – That's not much.

I laugh

Mum – Are you doing it at home? Hotels?

Me – Not at home and sometimes I go to their places

Mum – Good that is not at home, some people are crazy and we both know it.

Is it legal in England? Can you be arrested?

Me – well, yes and no

Mum – what kind of answer is that?

Me – I can't work with someone in the same premises, or on the street or have someone to check in and out

Mum – It doesn't sound very safe to me Melina.

Me – I have support. I have people who support me and we all have breakfast together on Wednesday

My mum laughs

Mum – that reminds me my feminist group on high school, we also used to have breakfast on Wednesdays

We laugh together

Me – How do you feel?

Mum – I don't know Melina, I only want the best for you and I am not sure that is the best for you.

Me – I like it.

Mum – I understand that.

Mum – Do you think I am a bad mother if I don't try to convince you to get out?

Me – No, I don't. I have that pressure already stigma wise, it would be nice if I could have your support

Mum – I will never forgive myself if something happens to you.

Me – My life is mine mum, there is nothing you can do now.

Mum – I know and I know that telling you to stop it would probably have the opposite effect on you.

Me – Yes, and it would make me extremely sad.

Mum – one more question. Are you using drugs

Me – No, I am not.

Mum – Can we talk about this another time, if I have more questions?

Me – Whenever you want.

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'Rosalind' violin/rose image by Vera Rodriguez
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