Period blood, freak outs and STI's!

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I must talk to you all about a booking I had yesterday. I had a lovely client, clean, professional, polite and he had the unfortunate experience of experiencing a small amount of my menstrual blood. I apologised and explained that, due to having a contraceptive implant, I don't have regular periods and in fact hardly ever bleed at all. Due to my womb having to spring clean, once or twice a year I randomly get a little surprise. This was a badly timed random surprise.

Anyway, this guy was horrified and literally came the conclusion that even touching this blood will give him a portion of HIV, and of course that the condom must have split, exacerbating the situation further.

I diligently explained that I am very clean and conscientious and have actually never had an STI OR STD in my entire escort career. He didn't believe me, but of course in his mind, he already had AIDS crawling around his blood stream. At this point, I lost my temper somewhat and said ‘If this is your outlook, why do you even see escorts, or furthermore, why do you bother having sex at all?' Turn Catholic for Christ's sake and do us all a favour.

May I defend myself and most other girls in the industry. You are way more likely to catch an STI of any kind from a bareback one night stand or adulterous partner than a self respecting sex worker. I always use a condom and reprimand those who even suggest BB. I never work when I am knowingly bleeding or when ill as I am respectful to myself and others – especially paying clients. I get tested more than anyone I know, in the clinic with blood tests, throat swabs, ass swabs, piss pots, the works! Also via Chlamydia post kits.

Let me give you some pseudo statistics. I have sucked, say, a thousand dicks of all ages without a condom. Cock-in-mouth, flesh-to-flesh. I have never contracted any infection or disease. So I make that less that 0.1% chance of contracted an STI through oral. Everything else I do is with a condom, sex, anal, toys, even fingers up the bum and rimming. If you wanna go up there with bare fingers and tongue, that is your prerogative.

So, let me again apologise to that lovely young man for my natural bodily functions as he apologised for his paranoid assumptions. I am going to book a clinic session and report back with my results just to make this point blatantly clear.

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