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I don't have a visible disability but I am disabled. This means I can't always do the same things that some able-bodied people take for granted. This means sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I am clumsy. Sometimes my whole body is searing with pain. Sometimes I can't get out of bed, even though I was fine yesterday.

But you would never be able to tell. Sometimes people tell me I must be making it up. Before I was diagnosed, doctors told me I was just depressed.

I find it very difficult to work normal jobs because "sorry I can't get out of bed this morning" doesn't fit too well in most business plans.

Chat lines and escorting allows me to work when I want and how I want. If I can't get out of bed that morning then I let myself rest.

and I DONT lose my job.

I am my own boss and a very lenient understanding one at that!

I specialise in seeing clients with disbilities. While often people have no idea about my disability, for someone with no use of their legs or arms for example, it can be very hard for them to get the physical, sensual and loving attention that they crave.

One of my best clients is 45 years old and I am the closest he has come to a real relationship. I have been seeing him for 4 years. He is in a wheelchair and has some facial paralysis

He is one of the funniest men I have ever met.

I don't think anyone should be deprived of care, sensuality and affection if they crave it, and I am so glad I have a job that allows me to be aware, sensitive, take care of myself and be an activist on my own terms.

Providing care and affection is a radical act in a cold world.

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