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Friends, we want to share with you a brief description of one of the most successful cases.

In Kazan, in one of the projects turned sex worker Rushaniya. Receives services for sots.soprovozhdeniyu. October 17, 2015, she became the victim of violence, resulting in the deaths. The unfortunate woman was raped a week and beaten, tortured and eventually strangled.

Endzhe - case-manager of the project, became aware of this, from the Rushan friends. And she took this case to support. Endzhe published only 4 stitches on his page on Facebook. In this publication immediately responded organization "Silver Rose", referring to the Human Rights Association "Agora" for the help of lawyers, quickly found the necessary sum. And the cause of the lost woman took Rushan Kamalov.

Thanks to prompt action and teamwork, able to find the mother of the deceased, which is performed in the future as the injured party, to connect a lawyer to bring the case to court and obtain a fair verdict: 9 years of strict regime, and 700 thousand of compensation of the deceased's family.

This is a good example of how joint efforts lead to a result. And together we can deal.

We stayed Rushan young son 7 years. The boy's father refuses to pay maintenance, prescribed to him by the court. Now every effort to get his father to pay his debts to his son. Follow the news, to be continued.

We hope that the description of examples of the provision of legal assistance to inspire people to protect their rights

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