The Joys of Camming

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This is copied and pasted from my chatroom, but I have changed the customers name.

bigdick1456: hi where you from?

Me: Hey there! I'm from the UK.

bigdick1456: Me 2

Me: Cool. Hows it going?

bigdick1456: horny

bigdick1456: u single

Me: Yep. Though that is kind of irrelevant.

bigdick1456: wanna polish me rod

Me: Well…since you asked me in such a charming manner, how can I refuse?

bigdick1456: will u

Me:…..Are you asking me to meet up with you to wank you off?

bigdick1456: yes

Me: Are you even asking if I am an escort? Or are you asking if I'll meet up for free?

bigdick1456: meet up

bigdick1456: for free

bigdick1456: since your single

Me: ….Here is some reading for you, you may find it interesting, it is on a subject you seem to be unaware of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_work


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